Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day of Love!

It's that day again... hearts, cupids and a whole day to celebrate LOVE! It's been a crazy busy year already for Polka Dots & Daisies and I'm looking forward to working with lots of other wonderfully in love couples. Tons of fun, new designs are in the making & I also have many to share from last year that I finally had photographed by the lovely Cherie, of Cherie Hogan Photography. Make sure you check out her work. She's recently moved to Utah from Las Vegas and was featured on Studio 5 a few weeks ago. I've worked with her personally and can highly recommend her! I'll soon be posting the designs she took photos of. If you haven't noticed "Feature Friday" fizzled out with the new year. I made a resolution to blog more than just on Fridays, but as you can see I'm a bit behind on that one! Things have been busier than even I anticipated, which is great, but also means this little blog gets less love. I'm working on it though! Also, just thought I'd mention that some REALLY fun, new things are on the horizon. I've had some projects in the making for quite some time now & I'm hoping that within the next few months they'll be all finished & ready for the world. Can't wait! Sorry to leave you in suspense, but it'll be worth the wait-- trust me! In the meantime, watch for weekly postings of recent designs. Much love & Happy Valentine's Day to all! P.S. Please VOTE for us on the KSL A-List!! You can log in with facebook so you won't have to register. Thanks!